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‘The Temptation’ - Cilice Belt

‘The Temptation’ - Cilice Belt


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Posted at 5:24 PM 21 July 2012
Also I painted for the Sherlock fic 'The Temptation'

Also I painted for the Sherlock fic 'The Temptation'

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Posted at 9:08 AM 20 July 2012

Fic of ‘The Temptation’

Well, I was wrote a fic of this picture before, but it’s Chinese.
Thanks harenai for the translation to English. \^D^/

Title: The Temptation
Author/Art : somachiou
Translated by : [info]harenai
Rating: PG 
Warning(s): Mentions of God/Jesus. Betrayal. 
Word count: 867
Summary:Priest John & dark angel Sherlock. John gives in to his desires.


BGM ‘Vide Cor Meum’ from the movie Hannibal


“Almighty Father! I search deep into my heart and regret all my sins,
But because of these sins, I shall receive eternal punishment in hell …”

In a small room deep in the corners of the church, a flickering candlelight weakly attempts to chase the darkness away. John kneels before the altar and recites the prayers. The scriptures in his hands are soaked with sweat and wrinkled at the sides. His thumb had long faded in colour from the excessive force applied while flipping through the pages.

With fear running through him, his shaky hands removes the robes from his body and he reaches for the whip resting on the bed. With a single brute force he swings it behind him, allowing it to land on his back with a sharp crackling sound. He throws his head back and hisses at the severe pain that courses through his body causing him to break out in cold sweat. Everything seemed to be just a little bit too blur and his world started dizzying.

Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who lead us not into temptation …” John recites the prayers aloud as if to give himself the courage to get through the pain.

Again and again he takes the leather whip’s merciless blows, until the muscles spasm and he is no longer able to lift his arm.

Blood slides down his spine, along the freshly split skin where leather had painfully kissed. John looks up towards the Son on the cross, his eyes are wet, from tears or from sweat, he really didn’t know. God’s Son had sacrificed himself and now bears the sins of us humans, yet wears a compassionate face. Like a mask of white cloud over dark ominous skies, it seems almost unreal, like a candy coated lie.

The fire flickers for a moment and in the air was a sense of dark life. Something, moving from wall to wall, but not a single shadow was spotted.  Suddenly, pale fingers emerged from a pool of smoke to clasp john’s hands. He wanted to withdraw his hands but they were gripped firmly.

..The devil..

This demon who tortures his will and strength, comes in his dreams and toys with his mind, indulging him in sinful desires and in it’s doing the unforgivable crime of fornication. Pray and god will help you. So he does.  Closing his eyes to pray, trying to reach god’s will, desperately trying to reach his saviour, but was disappointingly replied with nothing but the heavy breathing of temptation.

Squatted on the altar was the body of a creature slender and pale, its being bathed in an intoxicating scent rich with death. Thick black curls hid it’s face, and with stretched wings darker then the black of night, it covered the length of the wall behind him. With its head tilted up, it looks down to examine the pitiful creature that is known as john.

“Guardians of the heaven, I implore you, with God’s will, destroy the darkness in the world and banish the souls of Satan and all evil into hell…”

John slumped his shaking body against the altar, burying his head into his arms, asking God for forgiveness, for mercy, for sanctuary. But all that he felt was nothing short of god’s complete and utter inexistence.

Warm hands gripped the man’s shoulders. Slowly, slender fingers snaked its way up john’s arms, to the hollow of his collarbone, and slowly, ever so lightly against the side of his neck. John’s senses were on overdrive, every bit of him was trembling beneath those fingers. At last, those hands cupped his face, tiling it up to reveal a tormented suffering face. John closed his eyes but could not hide his agitation. A drop of sweat began trickling down the side of his as His breathing increased at a continuously rapid pace. Tension and fear was adamant from the slight tremor that vibrated throughout his body.

“My name is Sherlock.”  A thumb was pressed lightly across john’s lower lip.

"Why …" bursts of shiver went down his spine. His legs felt like fire and he opened his eyes to look at those piercing ice blue ones, feeling naked and vulnerable.

"Why me?"

“ Because you called for me.” Sherlock smirks as his tongue licks at John’s lower lip.

“Say my name, and I’ll fulfil your desires.” A hand slides down the man’s back and fingers trace the open wounds. He presses his nose into john’s hair and he breathes in the deliciousness of fear, guilt, want and need. Years and years of held back need. He smiles and continues drawing small circles on the man’s back until his hands are contaminated with a mixture of blood and sweat.

“ ..Sherlock ”

John gasped when his lips were greeted with that of Sherlock’s. Sinful desires washing over him as he felt his mouth invaded. Give in, and everything will be fine. 
He felt his tears pouring and finally he succumbed to the desires within him. He gave in to the devil, calling his name, and giving his body to the one we called evil. At last, he has abandoned his God, his faith and his soul.

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Posted at 2:22 AM 17 February 2012